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Virtual Speech

Student is jumping from one balance board to another, while practicing speech fluency strategies.

How It Works

In the photo above, a first-grade student is jumping, turning mid air, and landing on balance boards, while simultaneously practicing fluent speech with his virtual speech therapist. Later in the session, he opted to place the computer on the floor. He lay on his tummy, swung his feet in the air, propped on his elbows, and used his "speech tools," while he read jokes aloud from a book. Next he listened to audio recordings of his speech. He decided which audio clip his teletherapist would text to his parents. At the end of the session, he earned two minutes playing a basketball video game. When this student started remote speech therapy, he stuttered severely. He broke down in tears daily, asking his mom in despair, "Why can't I talk?" At the end of this session, his teletherapist exclaimed, "Awesome speech today!" He responded nonchalantly, "I know."

While remote speech-language therapy isn't the same as in-person, it can be equally effective.  With teletherapy, school administrators can expect that currently expanding speech-language caseloads will level off, or even reduce. Our team of speech-language pathologists are the best.  Speech Therapy Express LLC attracts and retains high-caliber professionals by compensating them 30%-40% more than most of the large teletherapy companies. Our speech-language pathologists are experienced clinicians, who are well versed in all aspects of student service, special education compliance, and team collaboration. No matter the distance, we are personally invested in every student's success. Business references are available upon request.

Teletherapy Information

A link to ASHA's general information on telepractice.


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