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Do you accept insurance?

No, I would be considered an out-of-network provider. Sessions are $160. The Therapy Spot is a nearby speech and OT clinic that accepts insurance. If your child is age 5 or under, you can also refer him or her for a speech screening and possible speech evaluation and therapy through the local school system, by clicking here. 

Do you work with adults?

At this time I've narrowed the focus of my practice to pediatrics only. All of the area hospitals have out-patient clinics that serve adults.

Can I observe your sessions to meet undergraduate observation hours?

Unfortunately my clinic space isn't large enough to accommodate an observer, in addition to the child, family members, and me.

Can I complete a clinical externship with you?

In other settings, it's been my pleasure to mentor graduate students, as others have mentored me. This current clinic setting is not a fit for graduate externships, because family members are paying a considerable amount of money for their child to see a fully certified speech-language pathologist with 20 years experience. This is a wonderful career path, and I wish you the very best in your professional endeavors!

Are you hiring?

Speech Therapy Express is always looking for high-caliber, ASHA-certified, PELSB-licensed speech-language pathologists to meet the special education needs of Minnesota school districts. School-based experience and teletherapy experience is required. Please email your resume to In the body of your email, please state your perceived level of independence in the following areas: teletherapy, remote test administration, remote behavior management, due process, and conflict resolution. Thank you for your interest!

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