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Parents' and Patients' FAQs

Do you accept insurance?

No, I am considered an out-of-network provider. Sessions are $175. The Therapy Spot is a nearby speech and OT clinic that accepts insurance.

If your child is age 5 or under, and you reside in Minnesota, you can refer your child for a speech screening and possible speech evaluation and therapy, at no cost to you, through the local school system, by clicking here. If you reside in another state, you can refer your toddler to your local Birth-to-Three program, sometimes also called "Help Me Grow." If your child is aged 3 or older, you can call your local public school to request a speech screening or evaluation, at no cost to you.

Do you know anyone who provides home visits and accepts insurance?

Andrea with Chit Chat Speech Therapy provides home visits in the metro area and accepts some insurance. Her website is

Do you work with adults?

At this time I've narrowed the focus of my practice to pediatrics.  Superior Speech Therapy is a local practice with a speciality in stuttering for both adults and children. All of the area hospitals have out-patient clinics that serve adults.

College & Graduate Students' FAQs

Can I shadow you in order to decide if this field is right for me?  Can I observe your sessions to meet undergraduate observation hours?

I regret that my clinic space is too small to accommodate an observer, in addition to the child, family members, and me.

Can I work for you in some capacity, to build my résumé, before I apply to graduate programs?

I respect your hustle! Larger clinics might have a need. 

Can I complete a clinical externship with you?

In other settings, it's been my pleasure to mentor graduate students, as others have mentored me. This current clinic setting is not a fit for graduate externships, because family members are paying a considerable amount of money for their child to see a fully certified speech-language pathologist with more than 20 years experience. This is a wonderful career path, and I wish you the very best in your professional endeavors!


Will you help me start my own private practice?

At this time, my plate is full with my current responsibilities and obligations.  Facebook groups for SLPs in private practice are a wealth of information. Within these Facebook groups, you can find SLPs who offer a variety of trainings and courses. You can do it!

Will you provide business mentoring?

What worked for me might be different than what works for you. You can access free business resources and a free mentor through SCORE.

Will you help me draft and negotiate contracts?

I'd advise a consultation with a lawyer regarding legally binding agreements and a consultation with a CPA regarding compliance with IRS regulations. In terms of mindset, I believe it's important to keep focused on student service. 

Thank you for your interest!

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